Survivor Dolls

Update 3rd December 2019

An update on all the Survivor Dolls as you know people on here sponsored over 120 dolls and many more of you had dolls sent from the US. Thank you - you are making a difference. The girls even made it on the news - well done Catherine Warren and Michelle De Buitléir for organising all this and of course to you ALL for supporting making a child smile in Ireland this Christmas xx We even made the news!

How to Share With Just Friends

How to share with just friends.


Hi All. Update from Catherine Warren and Michelle De Buitléir
We would like to thank everyone for all their help in getting the survivor dolls sponsored. Due to the incredible response we have smashed our target & we couldn’t have done all of this without you guys, your family & friends & everyone who shared our posts. It really have been phenomenal and the generosity from strangers reaching out has also been overwhelming.

So we’ve 121 dolls secured & will be coming home to their forever homes within the next few weeks. It will be magical to think of all the smiles that they will put on all the little warriors faces of Aoibheanns Pink Tie, Jimmy Norman

A massive thanks goes to Susan Stanley Stanley for putting us in contact with her connection who is sponsoring the shipping of the dolls home for us which is incredible. Once again, thank you all & as soon as we’ve a date as to when the dolls will be here we will let you know. 💛🎗💛🎗💛 #fightlikeachild #aoibheannspinktie #jimmynorman #canvasforhope

Sometimes in life dreams do come through. Jimmy Norman from Aoibheann's Pink Tie had a dream that all kids in Ireland going through cancer would have this wonderful Survivor Doll as you can see from pictures below these dolls are bald and come with bandanas and scarves. Jimmy has already sourced some of these dolls (around 14) from a wonderful lady in the US. These dolls are only sold in Walmart in the US and are very hard to get a hold of. All the ladies in Sea of Change Choir wanted to make this happen. Guess what? we did...... Our amazing Catherine Warren and Michelle De Buitléir have sourced (which is very difficult) 50 Girl Dolls and 50 Boy Dolls which we are hoping people will sponsor and we will ship them from the USA and they will be given to Aoibheann's Pink Tie for any child or sibling who would like a doll for Christmas when going through their treatment. All the girls too many to mention, Leyla, Marian and everyone have been busy sharing this all day and asking friends and family in the USA to ship a doll home. Please if you can not afford to sponsor a doll we would appreciate if you could share this post. Lets put a smile on these wonderful kids and siblings (who also go through so so so much) this Christmas.

If you would like to sponsor a doll that would be wonderful. You can pay by PayPal the Boy Dolls are €45 (hand-made) and the Girl Doll is €35. PayPal for Michelle (Boy Dolls) is… (under name Michelle Fagan) and Paypal for Catherine Girl Dolls is… (under name of George Warren)

We will keep you updated on how many dolls we have managed to sponsor - be part of our journey to make this dream happen.

Thank you all from The Sea of Change Choir